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Amelie Karam, who has been on stage since childhood, loves performing. She especially loves how performing presents the opportunity to both tell a story previously unheard as well as give a fresh perspective, possibly one never before considered. This passion led Amelie to become a Millennial Consultant & Specialist.

After studying at the University of Arkansas, Richmond University in London, and finishing her degree in Performance and Film Studies from Loyola University in New Orleans, Amelie Karam recognized that people in her Gen Y age group, known as “Millennials,” view the world differently than do previous generations. The great divide between Baby Boomers, Gen X, and Gen Y piqued Amelie’s interest.

Having had leadership roles from middle school through college, Amelie has always been intrigued by discovering and implementing what is needed to make people in organizations want to work together. Hence, when her newfound interest in generational differences began to surface in questions and conversations, she quickly dove into the topic with her usual zeal. Through extensive research she has gleaned tools to help organizations improve workplace performance and relationships.  Working with a published and internationally known generational expert, Garrison Wynn, the two highlight these generational differences in talks and have co-authorized a publication, Millennial Mystique.

Through her Millennial perspective and rich research, along with her background in theatre, film, health, and wellness, Amelie brings an entertaining and informative voice to this important and highly sought-after topic: understanding, attracting and retaining millennials in the workplace.   

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