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Millennial Consulting for Maximum Retention

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You’ve hired Millennials in your workforce–now what?

Congratulations! You recognize that diversity in your team is key to a thriving workplace; diversity that is not just limited to ethnicity but also to different generations. Because you are a diligent manager in tune with the changing labor force, you’ve brought Millennials into the fold.

But you’ve hit a roadblock.

Hiring Millennials in the workplace feels like the wise thing to do, but how do you keep them engaged? What are their priorities as employees? What about how they understand and define work-life balance? How do you make sure that the talent you’ve recruited will have a thriving work experience? For many employers, these questions may be new or it may have been a while since they’ve considered company culture given our current social, political, and economic conditions.

This article from Gallup says that Millennials are highly likely to hop from one job to another within a shorter period of time. From the article:

“Millennials also show less willingness to stay in their current jobs. Half of millennials — compared with 60% of non-millennials — strongly agree that they plan to be working at their company one year from now. For businesses, this suggests that half of their millennial workforce doesn’t see a future with them.”

Given this tendency, tailoring your employee engagement is key to retention. So how do you start? Your Millennial Expert is here to help with some tips.

Understand Your Business Goals

It will benefit you to revisit your mission, vision, and values. After all, these core things define who you are as a business or as an organization and will keep you from being aimless. Take stock of how you currently invest in your employees and recognize the way they contribute to the company’s success.

Understanding Millennial Goals

Millennials are more likely to invest their energy in a company that is invested in them as well. The job-hopping tendency could be because Millennial employees just haven’t found a place where they are connected and engaged. Engagement could mean being more values-driven, going beyond the bottom line, and providing opportunities for your employees to grow professionally through education, performance-based pay, and mobility within the company.

The Sweet Spot

You’ve taken the time to review who you are as an organization. You’ve recruited brilliant Millennials with the drive to do meaningful work and want to have a model that keeps them engaged. These are all steps in the right direction!

Now it’s time to recognize that improving your retention plan will take time to develop and implement. Collaborating with a Millennial consultant can help you bring that model to life. Whether through workshops, speaking sessions, or one-on-one conversation, there are many ways to boost employee engagement. The right consultant will provide you with tools to make sure your Millennial employees are happy and connected, and that you create a culture where everyone wins. Say no to cookie-cutter solutions and yes to tailor-made strategies. Let’s make it happen together!

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