Bridging Two Worlds: Tips From a Millennial Speaker

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We talked about how the different social, cultural, and economic influences shape the generations that were born and raised in a particular time. We discovered that there will inevitably be a generational gap that Baby Boomer managers need to bridge, and that there are strategies to do that effectively. But we can’t forget the other half of this equation–the Millennials themselves. While managers have to think about recruitment and retention, what can Millennials do to become dream co-workers? What is their role in enriching the company culture, increasing productivity and profitability, and driving the organization’s mission forward? Here are some things to consider and how a Millennial speaker could help you find the answers.

Becoming Better Co-workers and Assets

For Millennials entering the workforce, there are certain do’s and don’ts that could spell the difference between better mobility within the company and being stagnant. Recognize that your superiors will have had life experiences that inform how they run the company. But despite that, you may have more similarities when it comes to goals, values, and work ethic than you realize.

Do: Communicate with your manager. Get to know them and their background and leadership style. Be open-minded.

Don’t: Let stereotypes color your experience. This same piece of advice applies to managers as well!

Mentoring Opportunities

Millennials are known for their tendency to favor fast-paced and ever-changing work environments. This may present a challenge to Millennials working with older generations who may have a different view of change. Remember that your Gen X and Boomer co-workers have a unique experience to bring to the table. They are potential sources of wisdom that could benefit your career and life, so take every day as an opportunity to learn.

Do: See your superiors as mentors. As you spend most of your days at work, you have unprecedented access to your coworkers within your level and those above you. Ask those who have before you about how they overcame challenges at work. Pick their brains when you can.

Don’t:  Assume that your higher-ups don’t have much to offer you. There’s a lot of information on the internet, but there is a kind of wisdom you can only glean from regular one-on-one interactions with your boss that a listicle can’t teach you.

“But wait! My manager doesn’t want to be a mentor,” says one Millennial. “We just don’t see eye to eye,” said another. While there are managers and executives out there who see and cultivate the potential in their Millennial coworkers, this is not always guaranteed. The do’s and don’ts mentioned above may not apply to you and that could be frustrating.

This is why I’m here. I’m passionate about bridging that intergenerational gap through consulting and education, through workshops and customized solutions that fit your industry.  As an experienced Millennial speaker, I am in a unique position to help you or your boss keep your workplace a positive one. 

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